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What is The Best News Aggregator Plugin for WordPress?

Let’s face it, maintaining a blog is no easy task. This is especially true for those running a news website, as you need to stay on top of all the latest and current events in your market.

Don’t you wish you had some help with your blog, perhaps by filling it with some type of recurring content more easily?

A potential solution involves curating and aggregating content from other websites, either by importing linked titles to the original source or a specified amount of content (where acceptable).

While it’s generally not ideal to rely exclusively on other websites’ content (particularly if you really care about SEO) you can still run a blog that is fully or partially updated with pre-existing information.

As you may have noticed, the title of this blog post refers specifically to plugins for news aggregation, considering this is the most popular use for said plugins. However, you can use the following list for just about any type of content, and the information you can import is only limited by your imagination.

So, what is the best news aggregator plugin WordPress? Let’s cover the very best ones available, the most ideal uses, as well as how to create an RSS feed from virtually any website.

WP RSS Aggregator

Free | Premium

rss feed plugins

I have personally used this plugin for a very, very long time, and it’s directly responsible for paying a few monthly bills.

WP RSS Aggregator, like many others on this list, allows you to import an unlimited amount of RSS feeds from as many sources as you’d like. But we’re only scratching the surface here, as the plugin is also capable of the following features:

  • Import content at different intervals or set them to pause automatically after a certain time/date
  • Choose how many items to import per source
  • Customize its default template to closely match your website’s overall appearance
  • Import feeds based on their age (useful for importing the latest items while ignoring older ones)
  • Supports [shortcodes] to display feeds on practically any part of your blog
  • Optionally import unique titles to avoid duplicate items from multiple sources

The plugin also supports premium add-ons/features to extend its flexibility, such as:

  • Filter content by keywords, allowing you to omit unwanted items
  • Import content into categories to help keep things organized
  • Import entire articles into your blog, not just linked titles or excerpts
  • Automatically add items (such as affiliate links) before and/or after your content
  • Even more template options, with images and excerpts shown as a grid
  • Supports two word-spinning services, including WordAi and Spinner Chief

Super RSS Reader


rss news aggregator

I am oddly intrigued by Super RSS Reader. On one hand, it only works as a sidebar widget, so don’t expect to have a full-fledged blog filled with content within the body of your site. 

On the other hand, some of its features are quite attractive and are noticeably missing from the other plugins on this list…

  • Optionally present items as a scrolling news ticker. This can potentially make your blog appear more professional, especially if showing the latest news within your niche
  • Customize the news ticker speed, or even disable scrolling altogether
  • Optionally toggle each item’s title, excerpt, date, or author
  • Limit the number of items imported and even the excerpt length (word count)
  • Create multiple tabs to keep each news category organized. For example, show all TV and movie-related items separately for easy reading
  • Choose from various widget colors or add additional themes via CSS

As you can see, this seemingly simple RSS feed plugin really packs a punch within a compact, albeit restricted place. This is ideal if you wish to update the blog yourself while still embracing some automation with complimentary content.

Feedzy RSS Feeds

Free | Premium

best aggregator plugins

Feedzy does practically the same as the aforementioned news RSS plugin. However, this one supports more templates to better match your website’s look and feel.

That said, you can visually configure any RSS feed by using website builder plugins such as Elementor, Divi, and Themify Builder.

You can view plenty of live examples from their Demo page to get a better sense of its potential.

Honorable Mentions

Most WP RSS plugins consist of similar features. The aforementioned plugins bring certain unique perks, hence the reason I covered them in more detail.

Needless to say, here are some other RSS plugins worth noting in the event you wish to try them all:



Continuous RSS Scrolling

Echo RSS Feed

RSS AutoPilot

Smart RSS

While there are several more RSS aggregators out there, they are grossly outdated and simply do not work properly as a result.

Reasons to Use RSS Aggregator Plugins:

create news autoblog

Aggregate and curate news stories. This example is perhaps the most obvious one, along with the primary focus of this article. A news source can be insanely useful if done right. 

Imagine having a website that imports links or excerpts to all the gaming news you can handle from multiple sources. You could also decrease (or even avoid) duplicate news stories by using the plugin’s keyword filters or simply by manually moderating incoming items on a daily basis.

Gather important discussions from multiple communities. Using Reddit as an example, you could perform a sitewide search for “weight loss” or “fitness” and then turn said results into an RSS feed.

Think of the possibilities here; are you looking to stay on top of the newest discussions surrounding your niche and become one of the first contributors to reply? This would be a great way to do it.

Curate the latest job openings. Use this creatively by featuring jobs in your area or really niching down to specific openings – such as video gaming-related gigs.

Feature fellow bloggers in your niche. For example, your blog’s sidebar could link to your favorite bloggers’ latest articles or to their social media content, such as YouTube.

Think of this as a great way to start a friendship with fellow influencers while also giving people more content to read.

Leverage YouTube to the fullest. Whatever content you host doesn’t necessarily have to be for your readers to consume. What about consuming it yourself? 

If you’re subscribed to multiple social media channels, such as YouTube, wouldn’t it be nice to aggregate all the latest videos into one place and keep better track of things? This is a powerful way to gain more knowledge by letting the content come directly to you.

Do you regularly write for multiple websites? As a guest or paid contributor, aggregate the latest articles from the places you regularly work on (such as Huffington Post, Hubpages, and Medium). Ideal for keeping a writer’s portfolio updated.

What if a Website Doesn’t Support RSS Feeds?

Most blogs have a convenient RSS feature built-in, especially WordPress-based platforms. Even if the site owner doesn’t advertise it, a website’s RSS feed is usually available in this format: or

However, not every website will magically have an RSS feed available, including many job boards and social media platforms. So how can you import their items?

WP RSS Aggregator’s Feed Creator is a website that lets you build RSS feeds out of virtually any website. Simply enter the URL containing the items you’d like to retrieve, followed by a specific word that the links contain, or (optionally) any acceptable HTML element contained within the page.

This will immediately pull every item according to your settings, and a new RSS link will be created to be used on the plugin of your choice.

Another powerful service is, which is able to create RSS feeds from a wide variety of complex websites.

Lastly, I also rely on Feedity, which does the same thing for a low monthly/yearly price.


Clearly the sky’s the limit here, as these plugins can keep your website updated and keep readers coming back for more. So, how will you use these powerful RSS aggregator plugins?