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What is WordCamp?

Weblog Tools Collection has posted a great rundown of what WordCamp is including some details on what Dallas WordCamp attendees can expect. As WordPress continues to grow in popularity, I expect to see many more WordCamps being created around the world, so if you haven’t attended one already, maybe it is time for you to create one?

WordCamp is a spin off from the popular BarCamp which was a spin off of FooCamp. Each one of these events are smaller in nature when compared to your particular conference, but they are usually focused on a particular subject. So what can you expect when you attend a WordCamp event? Based on the numerous amounts of videos and photos taken from attendees, you can expect a whole lot of fun in an atmosphere that promotes social interaction.
The first WordCamp conference was held in July of 2006 in San Francisco. Matt Mullenweg pulled this event together in only three weeks time and ended up with about 300 people in the Swedish American Hall. The first international WordCamp event was held in Argentina on October 31, 2007 in Buenos Aires. Since then, there have been WordCamps all across the world including Hamburg, Israel, Melbourne and soon to be Dallas.

I really enjoy the BarCamp nature of these events, and hope they continue to experience continued growth. I also think that someone should organize a WordCamp Toronto, so that I can easily attend.