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What Makes a Great Site Map?

Lorelle chimes in on an article by Jim Westergren who has created a tutorial on the various ways of making a site map for your blog. We are not talking about the XML sitemaps, but instead a list of posts and pages throughout the site.
Jim lists the benefits (which I have included below) as well as giving a quick rundown of how to install and use three different site map plugins for WordPress.

The benefits:

  • The user can quickly find a specific post he wants anytime he wants.
  • The user can quickly see and get an idea how big the blog is get an overview on what the person is writing about.
  • All your posts are linked to from a single page to make sure they are not forgotten by the search engines. Basically PageRank is passed to all of them and they are not buried deep down in the archive. If there are no links to your old posts Google will put them in the supplemental index which is not good at all.

A great read both from Lorelle and Jim.