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What’s Hot in RSS Readers?

Tris Hussey talks about a post that Lee Oden wrote on RSS Readers.
Lee mentioned that his biggest RSS subscriber base was via e-mail. Not bloglines, or anything else, but e-mail. People still love that delivery system, and if they have an e-mail account, they don’t have to subscribe to another service. I like RSS to e-mail services as well. The idea that my grandma can get my weekly postings in her inbox to keep up with how I am doing delights both of us.
Bloglines, Pageflakes and Feedblitz are the top three for Tris, but he thinks that many people are still used to getting information in their inbox.
I use Bloglines for almost all of my subscriptions because my e-mail accounts are cluttered enough as it is. What do your users use to subscribe to your blogs? Also, what do you use?