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Why do blogs exist?

There is a great post over on Workboxers that asks why blogs exist. I think for every blog out there they fit into a few different groups of thought. I think there always has to be some reward for blogging, be it emotional or monetary, especially if a blog is to continue for long periods of time.
There are bloggers that do it to make money, either through legitimate blogging or splogging (spam blogging). There are those that want to do it for the passion of writing, either for their family and friends, or for the Internet at large. There are also those that do it as a way of self-psychology, who write to deal with life events and emotions.
From Workboxers:

I guess it all depends on what you want to achieve with your blog. People have different opinions, if you had asked Liz from Successful-Blog I think her answer would be something along the lines of – “Blogging is about your passion to write and produce interesting content to share with others”. Darren from Problogger may have a similar view but we all know he earns a bucket load from blogs and whilst there may be passion, I’m sure he wants to “increase his wealth” as well.

I am sure there are other groups of people as well with different reasons to blog, so why do you write a blog? And if you don’t write on a blog or blogs, why do you read them?