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Why Readers Don’t Click Ads and What to Do About It

Liz Strauss realized something in her recent accidental click on an advertisement: it’s not such a bad thing.
Her first reaction though was somewhat different.

The second the ad came up, I automatically looked away. NO! I’m not an ad clicker. No, no no! I needed out of there right away!
I looked around for a witness to my reckless clicking. No one here saw. Still I knew Some place, somewhere, in some stats, someone already had tracked me there.
Then I had an epiphany. Okay, I woke up.
What Was I Thinking?
What was this self-imposed ad rule about? It doesn’t cost me to click an ad, and yet for some reason, I think it’s smarter to check the website and go there direct. Talk about taking the long way home.

She then lists the reasons why she (and pretty much all of us) avoid advertisements like the plague, from thinking all ads are just deception (anyone get a free xbox 360 just by hitting three cows?), to trying to dodge strategically placed ads so that we don’t feel “caught”.
The best part of the article though is where Liz says that we should all be upfront with our visitors in where advertisements fit on our site. I know for a fact that I could not afford to spend the time blogging that I have if advertisements hadn’t taken some of the financial burden off my back, and that is thanks to viewers feeling that the ads shown were worthy to be clicked on.
A very impressive article from Successful Blog, and something to add to your must-read list.