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Why Write a Blog?

I don’t know about other people’s reasonings, but I started a blog to let my friends and family know how I was doing late in high school before I went off to college.
I wrote it via notepad in HTML and uploaded it onto my Geocities account.
Why would anyone want to keep up a blog? Some people use it as a way to release stresses, much like a journal or diary, but other times, it can be just a form of communication much like a conversation with a bunch of faceless friends.
My family does not understand why I blog. They find the whole thing a little strange, airing out life choices on the Internet, commenting on products and services in hopes that others will actually care about your point of view. They really don’t “get” the whole online publishing medium.
There is one person in my family that shows a great interest in technology and how it can help her connect to other people: my grandmother. My grandmother understands the idea of online publishing well, as she has really become more interested with technology as she has grown older. She used to send out yearly letters to her family half the country away, which would take her a while to compile and look nice, organize, and mail, but now using the computer, she can make it all work in a matter of an hour or so, and e-mail copies of it to everyone.
While it’s not public like blogging, it is still her version of publishing online, and with‘s new Private blogs feature out, I think hidden blogs will have an amazing amount of growth as it will appeal to those that only want to share their life information with people that they know and trust.
Many people that write online don’t feel that they have anything they really need to hide in their life, and thus publish their thoughts, opinions and whatnot online. I think one of the more compelling things about blogging has to be the feedback. Having people feel the same way you do, understand where you are coming from and spend the time to let you know they agree is just a satisfying and fulfilling side effect of writing online.
While I don’t think everyone has to have a blog, or website, I do think that many people would benefit from one. For starting out, I highly recommend, especially if you want an easy to use, hassle free, and now private blog.