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Widget Ready Blogging Pro Theme

If you are a fan of WordPress Widgets from Automattic, and were disappointed that we didn’t include Widget support for the Blogging Pro theme, you are in luck, as we have decided to release a Widget Ready version.
We have made it so both sidebars, and the footer area are enabled so that you can add widgets all over the place.
We have already had more than 1500 downloads of the Blogging Pro theme from the great readers and supporters of Blogging Pro and it has been less than 48 hours since it was released.
The addition of Widgets was also in hopes to appease the administrators, as we are hoping to see our theme added to their ranks, but it will take users requesting this theme for it to be added.
Reading up on how to get a theme added to, I found out that you have to ask for it in their Ideas forum, and so we have created a thread there in hopes that you’ll leave a comment showing your support for the addition of this theme to
Download Blogging Pro Theme Widget Ready Version
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