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Will The WordPress Dashboard Ever Be Expanded?

Recently, on WPTavern, Jeff answered a question relating to his site ever getting on the WordPress Dashboard.

The short answer is, slim to none. The reason being, I plan on monetizing this website soon and those who have a reason to pay for advertising are sometimes outside the realm of compliance when it comes to the GPL. Thus, if I will be displaying advertising on this site for things which may not be fully compliant with the GPL, there is no reason to have this site in the dashboard.

This site used to be on the dashboard a long time ago, and since then a few sites have been added and removed from the dashboard, and while Jeff thinks that WPTavern won’t be added, I wonder if any site could get to the level when it was considered worthy?
Should the WordPress dashboard be expanded with more sites, or has it become nearly useless to everyone? If you could add or remove a site from the WordPress dashboard, which one would it be and why? There is a lot of traffic that flows through the dashboard to member sites, and with traffic comes revenue, so I’ll be interested to see what you guys think.