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WordCamp Overview

Martin Neumann has compiled a great list of WordCamp information and posts on WordCamp from around the web. His thoughts on the event and those that covered it is not only amusing, well written, and fun to read, but very true.

Firstly, for those outside of America, I must give great kudos to Matt over at The Blog Herald who sent a couple of citizen journo’s on the ground reporting it live.
I’ve been a bit disappointed with The Blog Herald ever since they took over from Duncan Riley earlier this year, but this effort puts them back on the map for me. Together with their recent introduction of podcasts I’m back on the bandwagon.
As far as I know, the only real competitor to The Blog Herald is The Blogging Times. I’ve been quite disappointed with their coverage of this event. And here I thought they were going to kick Blog Herald’s ass covering the blogging industry … and this WAS a blogging industry event! I’d suggest Chartreuse (who’s now a part owner of The Blogging Times) start slapping them around a little and start focusing more.

The list of sites and posts at the end of his post shows you a little of just how far the WordCamp word spread. Kudos to Automattic and those that reported on the great event. Maybe next year I will be able to come.
Check out the full post at his site