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WordPress 2.2 Delayed

Well, it looks like a 120 day release cycle was just a tad too fast for the WordPress development team, and Matt has come out to let us all know it will be delayed.

The WP dev team has decided to hold back version 2.2 for at least a week or two from the original date of April 23 while we polish things up. I’ll post an updated release date as soon as we figure out how long everything is going to take. (Which is extra-hard in open source development.)

The 120 day cycle was a bit short, and so I am glad to see they didn’t feel like it was set in stone. I wonder if this will effect the next releases of WordPress as well. Honestly though, if it takes them another month, 150 days between decent releases is not horrible either.
Note: Matt informed me it has only been 90 days, but again, I think everyone is going to agree with me…Take your time Automattic team.