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WordPress 2.2 Overlooked Feature: Plugin Management

I must have been asleep when they announced this feature but it seems WordPress 2.2 isn’t out of surprises just yet. One of the steps in upgrading your blog that the folks at WordPress recommend is to disable all your plugins before upgrading, as some issues can occur if you leave them active. Well, to make this easier for those of us with a complete hoard of plugins enabled, they have added a button to disable all the plugins with one click.
From Geek Ramblings:

While testing some things on my development system, I was frustrated that after an upgrade, I still had to reactivate my plugins one by one. So I threw together a “Reactivate All Plugins” feature, which I hope will be implemented for the release of WordPress 2.2.
With this patch, when you use “Deactivate All Plugins”, your current active plugins list is saved. Then later, when you attempt to “Reactivate All Plugins”, it will check each plugin one-by-one. The worst that could happen is if one of your old plugins throws a PHP fatal error, then the reactivation is aborted, and no plugins are reactivated. Simpler errors, like a plugin being deleted from disk between the deactivation and reactivation, are handled more gracefully — the valid plugins will be reactivated, and the missing ones will be reported to you.

While WordPress 2.2 is still delayed, I am really hoping that when they do release the next version that it feels faster, better, and easier to use.