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WordPress 2.4 Bumped to 2.5

So it looks like WordPress 2.4, which was originally due out January 24th is being bumped and considered a missed release. The WordPress team has done this to give them more time to get things right, rather than being half done and putting out a less than amazing version. This makes sense to me as they continue to work on the design changes for the WordPress administration panel, among other things.
Here is the message from Matt Mullenweg on the WordPress Hackers mailing list:

In light of the big changes happening in the codebase and admin section, we’re going to push back the next release to be aimed for early March.
This is the timeframe when 2.5 was originally schedule for, so we’re treating the originally planned 2.4 in December as a skipped release, as
a result of both the holidays and the large changes which we weren’t able to start on until late October.
There’s some good stuff in the oven, and we don’t want to rush it.
The new release shall be called 2.5. Various official docs and roadmaps will be updated in due course.

So for all of you that were hopeful, like me, of an amazing WordPress 2.4 release in three weeks, you will now have to wait until early March, though Trac still shows WordPress 2.5 to be released on March 28th.
The consensus on the mailing list is that this is a smart move though I have to admit to being impatient and wanting a new version now. What bothers me about all this is that it is not the first time they’ve changed the schedule of releases since enacting their new fixed release schedule. I guess the latest security release will have to hold me over until March.