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WordPress 2.5 Countdown

With WordPress 2.5 scheduled for release on March 10th, some people have been wondering if they are going to be able to make that date, with still half of the tickets assigned to the release still open.
Matt Mullenweg chimed in to let everyone know what’s going on:

There is still a fair amount of testing going on, to the extent you could help it would be appreciated, especially with the new gallery, widgets, and the upgrader.
The number of tickets has nothing to do with how close we are to release.

If you have some testing talent, I suggest you go ahead and lend a hand as I’d love to see the full stable WordPress 2.5 release out sooner than later. While I have been enjoying not having to upgrade WordPress every time I turn around, I am hungry for the newer, bigger, better.
As for getting the latest release before it is out, Alex Günsche has a cool little page that grabs the files from Automattic’s SVN and packages it up into an easy to download release on his site, Zirona. Do not use this as an upgrade, but set up a test blog and start messing around so you are prepared when the final release comes out in four days.
It is a great way to figure out if you are going to have any plugin issues, theme issues, or just plain old workflow issues with regards to the new version and its new administration panel.
If you are a plugin author, please test your plugin with WordPress 2.5 and get it listed on the WordPress Codex’s Plugin Compatibility list.
Theme authors, please go back to your themes, and give them a once over. Add in the native WordPress tagging theme code, and test them on WordPress 2.5 to make sure nothing strange happens.
If you don’t start getting organized for the new version now, you might find yourself fixing things in a hurry on release day.