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WordPress 2.5 Delayed Until…

I bet you expected me to complete the sentence started in the title of this post, but it is unknown when WordPress 2.5 will be released. The WordPress trac has the due date pushed to the 17th, but some are scratching their heads if that will even happen.
The last full version of WordPress was released September 25th, which means if WordPress 2.5 is released March 25th it will have been a full six months between major releases. That, to me, seems like quite a long time.
While I am prepared to wait as long as it takes for a WordPress release, the one thing I hope is that they will get their timings more exact when it comes to scheduled releases as expectations have been hurt by quite a bit due to this delay.
There is even a whole thread in the support forum discussing the delay, as well as many bloggers expressing their unhappiness at the continued delays, talking about how WordPress 2.4 was skipped, and how WordPress 2.5 continually gets pushed back.
arickrol had this to say:

I do have a question to posit. This is going to come across as a snyde comment so I need to preface this by saying that I do not intend it as such. WP 2.5 has been delayed a week, thankfully it is only a week, but what will keep it from being delayed again?
WP 2.5 is a big release with a lot of work done on it and a lot to do. There are 406 active tickets left to complete according to Milestone 2.5 on Trac. Volunteers can only get so much done in any span of time no matter how dedicated they are. Can they really get 400+ tickets resolved in the remaining 6 days?

While Matt Mullenweg and others have made it clear that any incomplete tickets can just be pushed to the next release, he does pose a good question. How can we trust that WordPress 2.5 will only be delayed a week after the continued delays?
Honestly, we can’t. I guess that means the word for today is patience. At least that means I don’t have to run around upgrading blogs yet.