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WordPress 2.5 Release Day Again…

So WordPress 2.5 was supposed to be pushed back to today according to the schedule on Trac. So many people reported on the delay, but I don’t think enough people really thought about the fact that we haven’t seen a real beta release yet.
The chatter in the development mailing list seems to be very much slanted towards “when its done” as the response of the release date for the next version of WordPress.
I thought the super-amazing-all-powerful release cycle that wasn’t arbitrarily chosen would mean releases on the days that were set up in advance.
Is the WordPress development community so small, so focused on a key set of people that without them they can’t do a release because one of the excuses I have heard is that someone was sick and as such they couldn’t finish.
I am feeling more and more like WordPress 2.5 will have to be amazing to convince people that the wait was worth it. The good thing for me is that I haven’t had to update blogs in six weeks. A very welcome break in my opinion.