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WordPress 2.5 Test Site

Itching for a chance to play with WordPress 2.5 but don’t want to deal with installing it yourself? Chris Johnston has put up a great demo install for people to mess around with. It gives you the latest version of WordPress to enjoy.
Many of the administration panel design elements are quickly coming together, which was very nice to see. I don’t agree with all their decisions, but it does look like there will be some user interface improvements.

This is a demo site for the most current development version of WordPress. Version 2.5 has a scheduled release in March/April of 2008. I will try to keep the code as up-to-date as I can so that you can always see the new features that have been added including the completely redesigned admin area. Since this is a beta version, things might not work like they are supposed to. Feel free to play around and visit the admin area.
The demo will be refreshed once every hour. The username is admin and the password is demo.

A huge thanks to Chris for putting this up, and putting up with us all trying to mess around with it. If you are interested in what WordPress 2.5 is going to offer you, it would definitely be a great idea to check out the demo site that Chris has put up.
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