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WordPress 2.8 – Big Issues for a “Cleaned Up Version”

So while the bug and issue reports are less than most full point releases I’ve seen, the issues people are having are fairly consistent, leading some people to be very frustrated, as there was a fair bit of downplaying over the number of changes in this latest WordPress version.
Some of the main issues people seem to be having are related to plugins, Google Gears, and their ability to edit/update and create posts and pages.
This has lead me to suggest to most of the people I know to wait until the WordPress 2.8.1 release, which I am sure will be out in the next few weeks, as more issues are found, and the sources are tracked down.
Have you had any issues with WordPress 2.8? And if you are planning on upgrading today, please make sure to do a backup before proceeding, as I’d hate any of my readers to have frustrating issues with WordPress, especially since I don’t think WordPress 2.8 provides any substantial features or security upgrades in my opinion.
Some Support Threads to Follow: