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WordPress Admin Theme: Deconstructed

With WordPress 2.5 still months away, and with it the new WordPress administration panel design, people continue to take it upon themselves to tweak the WordPress administration panel design to suit their needs. Over on Web Graphics, there is a new one for the minimalist called Deconstructed.

WordPress has been a helpful tool. Love it, hate it – it’s free, flexible and approachable by average joe web developers who don’t really write programs (me). There’s much about it I don’t love, but I use it often. One thing that bothers me each time I install it: the default admin theme. I like the look of the WP-Tiger theme better, but it feels less responsive to me (probably because of client-side layout redrawing?). What I’ve really wanted is something super quick to install (a plugin-based theme), something responsive and based on the initial layout, but much cleaner/simpler.
So I’ve made a new admin theme, like WP, it’s free to use and repurpose. All I’ve done here is stripped out the hideous teal color, made all the fonts sans-serif, eliminated the tab-styling and excessive bordering/shadows. The navigation is still tab based, but uses a simple yellow-highlighter approach instead.

I have to admit to being fairly impressed with this administration theme, though I am not a fan of the yellow highlighting effect, otherwise, it has everything a blogger needs.