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WordPress as an Online Magazine

Darren Hoyt has put up two parts on WordPress and how great it has been as a content management system. In his latest part entitled “In Praise of WordPress Template Tags, Part II: The Magazine Layout” he shows how he integrated WordPress into a website, using it to run an online magazine. A very cool article that includes code rather than just ideas.

Previously, we saw how WordPress can capably handle data more like a small-scale CMS than a traditional blog, assuming the developer is willing to get creative with some Template Tags and The Loop. With that in mind, let’s move toward a more sophisticated homepage concept.
Sample scenario: a client needs your help in realizing his dodgy dream of starting an online men’s magazine in the vein of GQ or Details. His existing site already runs the standard WordPress blog format, but now he’s seeking a more ambitious, exploded-view layout to accommodate a variety of content modules and features.

A very bookmark worthy post. Probably my favorite WordPress related post so far this year.