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WordPress as Social Platform has an interesting post up about the future of WordPress as a social platform.
Here’s a little sample to wet your whistle, so to speak.

Right now WordPress can be a forum, multi blogs platform, social media platform, microblog, social bookmarking and these are just a few of the possibilities.
Wordpress is slowly making it’s way into the corporate world as well: Yahoo, CNN, New York Times, Ford, Nike are just a few of big names that implemented it for it’s ease of use, fast development times, cost reduction and easy maintenance of the platform. Oh… and U.S. Government Agencies are also using WordPress.
So where do we go from here? Recently it was announced WordPress to merge with WordPress MU. This will probably appear with the 3.0 launch. This seams to be just one of the big steps towards a social web platform. The next step will probably be to integrate more social media features from BuddyPress.

It goes on to discuss some of the implications of the new (and future) changes and additions to WordPress, as well as some of the issues surrounding GPL licensing and themes.
Personally I can’t wait for more social features in WordPress. Allowing the building of a framework for an entire social community within the WordPress platform would be a huge step forward in a lot of ways.
The one major downside to that I suppose would be the idea of “core bloat”. That is to say, the more features built directly into the core, the slower WordPress tends to get. Though I’m conflicted on just how much of an effect that has on most people, it’s certainly interesting to discuss.
All in all I’d say good things are in store for WordPress users in the coming months/years. Especially if you’re looking to use WordPress as the foundation for a site which includes a lot of social features.