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WordPress: Automatically Save Your Drafts

For the longest time, I have been wondering when WordPress was going to save me from myself and my constant crashing of WordPress, and today, just browsing around, I went to the homepage, only to notice a few new blog posts, and one of them was entitled “Automatically Save Your Drafts“. I almost pee’d myself with excitement. I knew this would be a only feature for now, as they always are, but on my arrival I noticed something interesting about the post, which I have highlighted in bold.

Thanks to Robert Deaton, WordPress and now have an autosave feature. While you are working on a draft, your edits are automatically saved every minute. All of this happens in the background; you won’t even notice it except for a small notification message next to the Save button. If your browser crashes while you are editing, simply go back to your Manage page and click on the title of your draft. It will be there waiting for you.

Does that mean if I download WordPress 2.0.4 from, I will get this new autosave feature? Can anyone confirm this? Is it just the nightlies or something? Someone let me know. I am too excited about this.