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WordPress’ Conception – It’s Now 6 Years Old!

WordPress was conceived six years and two days ago on Matt Mullenweg’s blog. Many celebrate its first release which was in May, but Matt and Mike Little recently posted about the creation of WordPress, and called the May date its birthday, and January 25th its conception date.
Sure, there are many jokes that can be made about that, but WordPress has come a long way since its first version. I started using it when version 0.72 came out, and it was already a very well thought out, feature filled, easy to use piece of blogging software.
Of course, people must also take time to remember that WordPress really is just a fork of b2, which means it has a longer lineage than just the six years that have been put into it under the WordPress name and code base.
Kudos to anyone and everyone that has added code, time, or energy to WordPress or its community.