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WordPress Elite: 10 Awesome .htaccess Edits

There is one file that is barely understood by most WordPress users, and that is .htaccess. Most of us understand that it is what controls the pretty permalinks that most blogs take advantage of, but there are other amazing things that .htaccess can do, and if you dig deep enough, you can change how your WordPress blog behaves.
Cats Who Code has a great list of ten .htaccess hacks that will do interesting things. From redirecting your RSS feed to Feedburner, to banning spammers from your blog, .htaccess can be a powerful ally in making your blog the envy of the blogosphere.
Take some time and look at these .htaccess edits, and don’t stop there, as many people have been writing amazing edits for a long time now for all sorts of sites that could easily be applied to your WordPress blog.