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WordPress Global Translator Plugin

If you have either spent a fair bit of money buying a translator plugin, or worked hard on developing something to translate your content inside your WordPress blog, you’ll probably be kicking yourself now, as a plugin called WordPress Global Translator Plugin has been out for a while now. Recently, it released version 1.1.2 and it can translate your content, through automated translation engines, into thirty-four different languages.

Italian, Korean, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Portuguese, English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Dutch, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian, Catalan, Filipino, Hebrew, Indonesian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

While these translations might not always be the most readable content, they do provide many new pages of content, and can give both a traffic and search engine ranking boost.
As long as paying real translators is too costly, these services will do well, and if you have a need to have your content be translated, even by machines, into different languages, WordPress Global Translator Plugin might be the plugin for you. It gets a thumbs up from me, solely because it is constantly being developed, and more blogs should promote plugins that are currently being constantly developed.