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WordPress Graphic Design and Trac

Back, a long time ago, I remember a discussion surrounding Habari, and potentially using Trac as the way of organizing and overseeing the graphical concerns of the platform, much like they did the code, but quickly, they realized that graphics don’t always fit into a system like Trac.
Seems the same can’t be said for WordPress, as they look to allow the WordPress graphic design community a chance at submitting their work to the blogging platform.
From the WordPress blog:

First and most immediate is the creation of a new “component” in Trac for graphic design. We’ll use this component label to create tickets for things like making graphic buttons, such as making a new version of the favorites menu graphic or WordPress mark that looks better with the blue admin theme. In some cases graphic design tasks will overlap with CSS tasks, so designers interested in contributing can search for open tickets with either component label. In cases where a base PSD file is needed as a starting point, we will attach it to the ticket.
In this vein, if you notice a graphic that needs fixing (like the aforementioned favorites menu button needing a blue version), please use the graphic design component label to report it in Trac. Please don’t create tickets for graphic you just don’t like… keep it to things that look broken or overlooked.

What do you think? Will this be a success, or a misstep by the WordPress team?