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WordPress MU 1.0

If you have been waiting to get your feet wet with WordPress MU, it has finally been officially released as a 1.0 version. (It has been up for download for a few days, but it was finally announced on

WordPress MU is an official branch of WordPress that is designed for managing and hosting thousands of blogs instead of just one. It’s the software that powers, for example. MU has been in heavy development for about a year now, and we’ve finally polished it up to a place where we feel like it’s ready for public consumption. Since setup is a bit more complex than the 5-minute install of regular WordPress, MU is best suited for a more server-savvy audience. You can download it on the WordPress MU site.

So if your older version has been way too buggy, maybe try the new version, and tell me if it does any better. Grab it at