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WordPress Not Good for SEO?

Mark from has added a new video about his neverending dislike for the WordPress software. This time he complains about WordPress’ out of the box search engine optimization.
He complains about duplicate content, URL structures, and likens it to a 1994 Ford Tempo that needs to be modified to become a race car.
I think WordPress has done a lot of work regarding search engine optimization over the years, and while I do agree with him that it sometimes needs a little work, with each subsequent version the number of steps to make it suitably optimized are less and less.
I also think that the ease in which WordPress can be optimized is a testament to how great the software is. Unlike other publishing platforms I have tried, changing old versions of WordPress into creating content in a way that search engines are happy with is quick, and easy. More like inflating semi-flat tires to improve your gas mileage than changing all the major components to make a race car.
While I doubt Mark will ever be one of the many “converted”, I do think that his frustration with the platform is misplaced. I know Mark is able to code rather well, and if he helped the team as much as complained about its shortcomings, the core software would be better optimized for search engines by now.