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WordPress Plugin: 1.6 Draft for 1.5

Some people want to see their post while working on it, and currently with WordPress 1.5+ you could only see a stylized version, which is not how the post will truly look. Chris Ensell of Ensellitis has released a plug-in that will allow a more realistic preview in an iFrame at the bottom of the post editor, like WordPress 1.6 has.

So I set out, thinking this was going to be hard, and it wasn’t. It was very easy. All I had to do is add an iFrame to /wp-admin/post.php and tweak the plugin I got from Matt. All in all it took about 10 minutes, or one cigarette.
I put together a small .zip file containing the plugin and the edited version of post.php. Here are the steps to install it:
1. upload previewdraft.php to wp-content/plugins/
2. Activate the plugin via Plugin Manager
3. upload post.php to wp-admin/
That’s it. The old preview area on the editor page is now replaced by an iFrame, just like in 1.6. When you save a draft, or edit a post, you will have 2 links under the editor box. One will update the iFrame with the preview, and one is a link to take you down to it… I was lazy, but you could always scroll down instead. Remember to click “Save and Continue Editing” before updating the preview.

Grab it over at