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WordPress Plugin: Autoblog

Elliott Back has written a new plugin called WP Autoblog which scares me a bit, as it is a plugin that allows people to use RSS feeds to make posts on their WordPress blog.
In five minutes plus however long it takes to set up the plugin, a spammer could create a spam blog, publishing feeds from a variety of popular sites and putting his adsense code on it everywhere.

Have you ever wanted to automatically post to your WordPress blog from an RSS, ATOM, or other XML feed? Have you wanted to preserve categories, give proper author attribution, do find and replace, caching, and publish excerpts or full feeds? If you want to republish or aggregate online feeds, then this plugin is for you.

I almost wish Elliott Back had not decided to publically release his work as I can see it causing another expansion of spam blogs online and I am getting a little sick of seeing them. Though, hopefully, now some of the people and companies that have written similar programs and are charging money for it will soon be out of new customers, as free options by, reasonably sized bloggers, will hopefully do better than plugins and programs for WordPress that are paid applications.
You can download WP Autoblog from, but let me know what you think of this plugin here. I would be interested in what the common thought is on this.