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WordPress Plugin: Blog Metrics 1.0

I have talked about the Blog Metrics plugin before (Previous Post), but that was long before its now version 1.0 release, and I wanted to highlight it again as I see it as a must-have plugin for multi-author blogs as well as single author blogs that are looking for some new stats on their own work.
A very cool plugin by Joost de Valk.

I finally found the time (while I should be doing other things) to upgrade my Blog Metrics plugin and release it for all of you to enjoy. It now shows the standard deviation on most metrics and comes with a widget!

It also now includes a widget to display your stats publicly which I think is interesting, but not something I’d do.
A great way to keep track of how many posts are being made, how many comments on average are being generated, and how many words each author has contributed.