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WordPress Plugin: Blog Metrics

Now on version 0.3, the Blog Metrics plugin caught my eye, and is a lot of fun to use, especially on multi-author blogs.
Want to know how many posts a month your blog is averaging? What about how many comments a month? Curious at how many words you have written? Blog Metrics answers all of these questions and more.
Here is some text from its creator:

Avinash Kaushik has done an excellent post about blog metrics today, most of the stats he showed off, like unique visitors, pageviews, subscribers, etc. are ones I’ve been using for quite a while. There were two new “metrics” that I hadn’t used as much up till now, raw author contribution and conversation rate.
Of course I had calculated the average number of comments per post, but I hadn’t thought of removing my own comments from that. Calculating your average number of posts per month also wasn’t new to me, but because of Avinash’s post, I decided to make it a bit easier to do that.

Definitely worth checking out and installing. I can’t wait until it gets to a 1.0 release, as it is already a must have in my arsenal of WordPress plugins. Get it now from Joost de Valk.