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WordPress Plugin: Clean Archives Reloaded

A new update to the Clean Archives plugin has been released from Viper007Bond, called Clean Archives Reloaded. It uses moo.fx to create a cool effect for viewing archives.

The main code in this plugin was originally written by Sebastian Schmieg for the archive page of his “Blix” theme.
The code was later converted to a plugin by Shawn Grimes.
The drawback of both of these versions though was the sheer number of queries required (around 1 per month + 2 per post – it added up quick). So, I decided to make it cache the output so that it was only regenerated when needed and otherwise just pulled with 1 query from the database. I was also given the idea by Chris O’Rourke to use moo.fx to make the months collapsable as many people’s archives pages were getting rather long.

Check it out on and if you want to play with a demo of it, just check out his archives.