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WordPress Plugin: Comment Relish 2.0

Yesterday, Justin Shattuck sent out his first e-mail newsletter in a very long time, to let everyone know that an updated version of his popular Comment Relish plugin was out. The plugin allows you to set up an automated e-mail that gets sent out to first time commenters on your blog, enticing them to come back or subscribe to your RSS.

The newest release includes some obvious improvements over the previously neglected version uno and some major upgrades courtesy of Chris Bavota from If you are currently using comment-relish and have not upgraded to WordPress 2.7 because of its hectic and horrible reaction to the new code, have no worries – you can now! However, if you are running WordPress 2.7 and you are upset that it was sending duplicate comments, endless comments to every commentor, or just flat-out broken – we fixed that too!

I am a huge fan of this plugin, and am going to be trying out version 2.0 as soon as I can.