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WordPress Plugin Competition 2.5

Weblog Tools Collection has announced another WordPress Plugin Competition, this time for the new WordPress 2.5 release, as many important plugins haven’t been updated for this new version.
Some important details for those looking at entering.

All code must be GPL and should be available for download through the Competition Blog and preferably through WordPress Extend. The plugins can be modified and tweaked till the last day of the competition or until the author sends us an email with the final version of the code. In essence, the Plugin Competition Blog is the preferred vehicle of communication for all contestants.
Some relevant details:

  • Running time for competition = 2 months starting the 10th of May till the 10th of July.
  • True WordPress plugins only. No manual modifications can be required of users.
  • You cannot submit plugins that have been released already. New code only please.
  • Plugins can only be submitted via email. We will make that email address public later on in the competition.
  • Plugins cannot have opt-out links back to the authors’ pages (from the main blog pages, admin pages are fine). If you have links or donation forms, please make them opt-in.
  • All plugins require documentation as in the WordPress Extend pages. Documentation will be one of the judging criteria.
  • Preliminary support for the plugin has to be provided to the public.
  • We are looking for innovation, documentation and elegant code.
  • Any and all prizes/controversies/issues will be judged and decided at our sole discretion.

I think these competitions are a great way to show off what WordPress can do, so I am very hopeful that this competition will bring out a new group of “must have” plugins for WordPress 2.5.