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WordPress Plugin: CronMonkey

Sometimes only a cron job will do, and with that in mind Raj has released a WordPress plugin called CronMonkey.

CronMonkey for WordPress 1.5+ allows WordPress admins to manage cron jobs from within WordPress. Right now, it features a simple, form-based interface for editing individual jobs. It’s a piece of cake to choose when a task will run, though entering the command to run still requires some knowledge of *nix. Advanced users won’t have any problem though, since CronMonkey also allows users to directly edit the text of the crontab by hand and post it to the system.

Now this isn’t the all-in-one solution, nor is it the easiest as you will still require some knowledge of Linux/Unix, and/or some access to the server as one of the notes say:

Disable safe mode in your php.ini file. Make sure that shell_exec and passthru are not disabled. They don’t need to be explicitly enabled, but they are explicitly disabled by default in most shared hosting plans.

But try it out, and see if it is the solution you have been looking for.
Link to the information and download page.