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WordPress Plugin: Diagnosis

Blogging has opened up to just about every type of person, but that does not mean all the problems are gone, and sometimes you need to fix something that has gone wrong. If you don’t have technical knowledge it can be difficult to fix or explain the problem. A new plugin is trying to help by giving a few important answers. It is called Diagnosis.

Trying to help out a friend with his WordPress installation but he doesn’t know what version of MySQL his hosting provider has?
Diagnosis adds a subpage to the dashboard where the main administrator of the WordPress installation can view technical data about the server in an easy manner.

  • Server operating system
  • Current PHP version
  • Current MySQL version
  • Current Webserver and version
  • Webserver IP address
  • Webserver port
  • MySQL server IP address
  • MySQL server port
  • WordPress database user
  • WordPress database name
  • Domain name
  • Document root
  • Current time (in ISO 8601 format as well as RFC 2822)
  • MySQL Berkeley DB version (if in use)
  • MySQL Storage engine
  • MySQL large file support
  • What MySQL storage engines there are available
  • What character sets MySQL use for encoding
  • Loaded PHP extensions
  • Common variables from php.ini

Check it out at Niklas Lindblad’s Diagnosis Page.