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WordPress Plugin: Gravity Forms Released

Today, Gravity Forms version 1.0 was released to the general public, and for $39, $99 or $199 you can purchase your own licensed version of Gravity Forms, the ultimate plugin for getting data from your users.
I’ve done a reasonable write-up on my own blog Branding David about Gravity Forms and what it can do for you.

Want to do a visitor survey? Want to do a “send this post to a friend”? Want to have user guest post submissions? Gravity Forms can do all of that and more. I’ve even used it for a basic product inventory system, as well as a tool to sign players up for an online RPG. The uses for the plugin are wide, and according to the Rocket Genius team, they’ll continue to expand.

Older Gravity Forms Screencast Demo from David Peralty on Vimeo.

An older Gravity Forms Screencast Demo I did to show its features.

This is one of those plugins that everyone should pick up, as the uses are nearly limitless. Check out my full post on Branding David and let me know what you think of Gravity Forms.