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WordPress Plugin: It’s Called WordPress Plugin

Steven Campbell of NoEnemies has created a plug-in much like Hello Dolly, but instead it shows lines of lyrics from the almost famous WordPress video by Devin Ream. It is called It’s Called WordPress Plugin.

There’s been tons of hype over Devin Ream’s video, and everyone seems to love it. This comment sparked this plugin, and I thought it would be a funny alternative to the Hello Dolly plugin that ships with WordPress. When installed, it will display a random line from Devin Ream’s song in the upper-right hand corner of the WP dashboard. Thanks Devin for the content! After you download, upload to wp-content/plugins/, click on Plugins in the WP Dashboard, and activate “It’s Called WordPress.”

Check out the video as well as the lyrics it uses from Devin’s site. It is something fun, and a great way to support and remember the hard work that Devin put into his music video.