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WordPress Plugin: Lightbox

A pretty cool plugin that allows you to show Javascript overlay popups of images on the page you are currently at. You then click the image and it goes away. The loading effect and everything look very nice.

Plugin that turns posted images into neat Javascript-powered overlay popups instead of just linking to the fullsize image. This plugin is based on the cool javascript done by Lokesh Dhakar and transformed by to a plugin for WordPress by me, inspired by Frank from 2d-sign. Enjoy!
What is it good for?
It scans your posts for linked images and makes a nice overlay popup out of them. This is much better then linking to a new window oder even open a fullblown javascript popup. This is a neat little thing and shows a small preloader animation before showing the full image. Before i continue to talk about what it is, i better put on some example.

Head on out to Mentor’s Blog to grab it.