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WordPress Plugin: Page Link Manager

Garrett Murphey has created a plugin that lets users decide what pages are added to the navigation of a site called Page Link Manager.

under the current version of WordPress, to exclude a pages from site navigation, you have to go into the source and do something like wp_list_pages(‘exclude=3,7′). And, if you add other pages you don’t want listed in the site navigation, you have to go into and edit the source each time. This became an obstacle recently when my sister and I began looking at WordPress as a viable content management system for clients’ use. It seemed silly to us that each time the client wanted to include an excluded page or exclude a new page they’d have to call on us, or we’d have to teach them some elementary programming skills. And so the Page Link Manager Plugin was created.

An interesting idea, and anything that makes controlling pages easier is a thumbs up in my book. Check it out at Garrett Murphey’s site.