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WordPress Plugin: Post2Page

Changing posts into pages has not been a big draw for me, but there have been a few posts that could make great pages of content on their own, and in order to do that, I would have to copy the content into a page, and put a link from where the content was, to where it is. This set-up would not be idea, and so now Christopher Hwang has created a plugin to make things easier.

Post2Page allows you to take existing posts that you have and convert them into pages. It also remembers the previous permalink that you had while it was a post so that sites linking to your posts are able to find it still.
It does this by way of sending a 301 redirect to the requesting browser and is transparent to the viewer. Essentially you will have a post-permalink -> page-permalink 301 redirect.
So now you can move an entire post without having to create a new page, with a link from the original post, just to make sure your viewers can find it. Everything moves over including the comments, so nothing gets broken.

One other noteable use for this plugin is being able to have drafts of pages, by making a draft of a post and then changing it into a page. Very interesting. Check it out at Slipstream.