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WordPress Plugin: smiletag

Another new shoutbox application that can easily be added to WordPress. It is not a plugin yet, but it really struck me as interesting, and as with anything that there are many of, one more just adds to the choices and opportunities.

smiletag is a free (GPL License) shoutbox written in PHP. Interactive, easy to use, mini-message board with powerful template system.
Currently these are the features of smiletag :

  • Powerful template system, easy-to-modify templates using only simple tags, no programming skills required.
  • Smart auto-refresh, automagically refreshes whenever a new message is posted, this is done using Ajax technology.
  • No database is needed, uses flat file (XML) for storage.
  • Profanity filters, easily add your own custom words to filter as well.
  • Flood guard, stop spammer from flooding your board.
  • IP Address/Nick banning, support for both manual and automatic banning.
  • Customizable smilies, you can add your own images as many as you want.
  • Time Zone Control, sets the time zone to any GMT offset.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Email/URL recognition, automatically convert any email or url into link.
  • Custom CSS File, you have complete control for your board look and feel.

Grab all the info at