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WordPress Plugin Standards

There is a great post on Weblog Tools Collection by Frank, aka Weathervane, who talks about making sure WordPress plugin authors start to come up with a better system for designing and implementing their plugin code.

Naming Conventions
1. Do not append your WordPress plugins with “wp-“ or “wp_.” We know it’s for WordPress, it was in your description. Use an evocative name even if it’s only “joe’s-.“ It’s not just you. When ASP was popular, everything (it seemed) was called asp this and asp that (as in asp calendar, asp blog, asp faq, and on and on).
2. Tell us where we’ll find your plugin access. If your plugin options are in the Admin Area under Options, say so.
3. Don’t create an Admin. Area menu item. Your plugin access has a home in Options or Management or within the other existing Admin. Area menu items.
4. Do not add your plugin access in an unexpected Admin. Area menu item, such as a Plugins submenu item.

I think as we get closer and closer to WordPress 2.5 this March, something should be done to standardize how plugins work, and interact with their user base. The first step was taken with the creation of a plugin repository on and now the next step should be taken: strict enforcement.
There is some great advice to plugin authors in the post on Weblog Tools Collection, and I highly recommend everyone check it out.