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WordPress Plugin: Subscribe to Comments 2.1

Mark Jaquith is updating his Subscribe to Comments, which for good reason is his most popular plugin and he has put up a post explaining what he has already done, and asking the community what else they would like to see put into the plugin.

Here’s what’s already done for the upcoming Subscribe to Comments 2.1:

  • Single-file install – Everything in one file. Drop it into your plugins directory, activate, DONE.
  • Show list of subscribers on the back end – I’ve probably had this requested 50 to 100 times. People really want to know who’s subscribed in a big list. I’ve completed preliminary work on this. It’s a list of e-mail addresses with the number of subscribed entries in parenthesis (sorted from most-subscriptions to least). If you click on an e-mail address it takes you to the screen for them, with a list of their subscriptions.

Check out his blog, and leave a comment if you know of something Subscribe to Comments really needs.