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WordPress Plugin: Upcoming Events v0.1

Having a list of upcoming events in your sidebar can be great to remind others, promote an event or just remind yourself, and Jacob Steenhagen has taken it upon himself to create a new events plugin for WordPress using iCal feeds.

So what does this plugin do? Pretty much what you see in my sidebar. I have a feed from my Google Calendar, a feed for Bugzilla Development, a feed for my Army Drills, and a feed for the Detroit Lions schedule. It takes all of those iCal feeds and comes up with what the next, in my case, 7 events are. This is configurable in that you can choose how many events, days, or weeks to display.
So how do you get your hands on it? Easy, simply download it. Once you’ve done that, extract the archive into your Word Press plugins directory (by default, wp-content/plugins) and activate it using the normal Plugin Activation screen inside the Word Press administrative interface.

That’s pretty cool that it can track multiple iCal feeds. Hopefully, we will see further developments on this over at Jake’s Weblog.