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WordPress Plugin: Widgetize Anything

I haven’t really gotten into the whole Widgets thing (please don’t burn me at the stake), but I have been excited at the idea of Widgets. The thing that is holding me back is that I would want just about everything to be a widget, and now it seems for the most part you can, thanks to Erik’s Widgetize Anything plug-in.

There are many WordPress plugins that should be converted into sidebar widgets, made compatible with the Automattic Widget Plugin, but, for whatever reason, have not yet been converted. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a generic way to call other plugins from within a sidebar widget? Now there is! Introducing…. Widgetize Anything!
Basically, it works just like the built-in text widgets, except that it allows you to put in PHP code into the body of the widget.

You will have to have the Widget’s plug-in already installed to use this plug-in, but it’s something worth trying out.
via 901am