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WordPress Plugin: WP Movie Ratings

If you are looking to give people a quick understanding of what you thought of a variety of movies, Paul Goscicki has the WordPress plugin for you.

WP Movie Ratings is a wordpress plugin that makes rating movies very easy. At its core is a Firefox bookmarklet, which combined with Internet Movie Database and a little bit of AJAX magic lets you rate movies with just 1 click. Also, there is no need to write the title of the movie as it is automatically fetched from imdb. Optionally, you can also write a short review for each movie. The output from this plugin is a list of recently watched movies, which you can put anywhere you want (it’s a matter of one simple function call from the template).
The published movie reviews are hReview compliant.

I love that it links to IMDB, but I think it still might need a bit of work. I almost wish it allowed me to make them posts like asides or whatnot, so that they did not have to be in their own little box, but instead part of my actual WordPress blog. Still, a great plugin, and very useful. I can think a few sites could really make use of this plugin.
Check it out at Paul Goscicki’s Project page.