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WordPress Plugin: WWW-Redirect

A new plugin coming at you today that is to help people solve their domain problems. Many know that Google can see your site as two sites due to having the www. or not, and that is where the WWW-Redirect plugin comes in.

The continuous plague of several pages being indexed using numerous variations of the same domain name has definately been experienced by most of us. In an attempt to remedy this extremely aggrivating issue; WWW-Redirect was born. Originating from the source of Matt’s no-www plug-in, www-redirect takes it a step or so further by allowing users to opt for different redirect settings. This plugin allows users to have more control over the uri in which their users access their blog. By doing so, you’re giving search engines and users a consistent link for accessing your content.

  • Ability to set redirect to www prefix. (i.e.:
  • Redirect to non-www prefix. (i.e.:
  • Redirect index.php requests to /

Grab it from Justin Shattuck’s website.