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WordPress Plugins for Lorelle

Lorelle has posted a series of WordPress plugins she wishes were available, and some of them have some serious merit.
My favorite is actually the first on her list and that is the Instant Reply Comment WordPress Plugin:

As I have so vocally expressed, I’m terribly unhappy with the way comments are handled in the WordPress Administration Panels. If the WordPress developers won’t fix it, someone has to come up with a WordPress Plugin to make right what should be better. I want a WordPress Plugin that allows me to comment without viewing the post. I want a Plugin that allows responding to blog comments from the Comments Administration Panel. Why should I click on the link to the post, wait for the post page to load, then scroll down past the article to the comment form to leave a comment? And then have to click back through two or three pages to get back to the next comment in the comment queue and repeat the process again? Give me a Plugin that allows commenting right at the point where I manage comments.

This would be so helpful especially for bloggers that want to constantly communicate via comments to their commenting audience.
Check out the rest of her ideas at her blog, and let me know what plugins you think WordPress still needs?